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A&B Locksmith Auto Offers Keyless Entry System Installation, Repairs, and Replacement:

A&B Locksmith Auto locksmith near me offers keyless entry system installation, repairs, and replacement for vehicles. They also provide lock repair and replacement and the installation of new locks on doors and windows.

The Car locksmith specializes in the removal of foreign car locks with specialized tools designed to get into these exotic machines without damage.

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All about Remote Keyless System

A remote keyless system is used in cars to allow drivers to unlock or lock their doors, the hood, and the trunk with a code.

The code is known only to the driver, so it prevents thieves from opening doors or trunks without your knowledge.

There are four types of remote keyless systems: 

  • DST - Digital Security Transmitter (code typed into transmitter) 
  • RKE - Keyless Remote Entry (press the code on remote to unlock car) 
  • RATE - Remote Activated Transmitter (lock, unlock, with a button on remote) 
  • LKA - Locator Keychain (car will honk when in range of button pressed on a keychain)

These systems come in various styles and can be adapted to suit different users' needs. For example, you can get systems that allow three people to use the same car but with different programmed keys.

To use a remote keyless system, drivers will need specific remotes. These are used for all remote keyless systems listed above and come in many shapes and colors.

The Functioning of Remote Keyless System:

The function of the Remote Keyless System is to allow for the keyless entry and engine ignition.

  • The system is operated with a remote electronic device, usually four-sided and black, with a transmitter and receiver.
  • A remote system device allows the car to be locked and unlocked.
  • The user can choose from different buttons for this remote system, usually 2-4 controls. The system works with radio frequencies so that you can use it from a certain distance.
  • Every car is equipped with a receiver that receives the signal from a keyless remote and decides whether to unlock or lock the car's door using an electric motor.
  • Most remote keyless systems have buttons with different colors. It can help you distinguish which button does what; for example, the blue button could open the trunk, while the red ones could open the doors.
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Who can install the remote keyless system in my car?

A remote keyless entry system is an electronic device that allows you to open the door without using a key.

Locksmiths for cars are responsible for installing the whole thing--from parts to programming. Locksmiths also re-program keys and replace batteries or car keys.

Our Pembroke Pines car locksmith can also update the system to match new keys and remotes. Locksmiths can help you repair or replace a broken keyless entry system if your car remote isn't working.

We are A&B auto locksmith Miami that is here to help you with all of your needs. All our techs are certified, bonded, and insured for your protection! Give us a call today for more information about the services we provide.

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